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Falken Tyres

About Falken

The Falken name was created in the early 1980s as a brand for the Japanese manufacturer Ohtsu Tire & Rubber. It became part of Sumitomo Rubber in 2003 when they acquired Ohtsu. Falken tyres continue to be manufactured using Japanese tyre technology. In the UK the brand is marketed by local subsidiary Falken Tyres UK.

The Falken Brand

The Falken brand has tended to be promoted as an affordable high performance tyre, thanks to the company’s substantial involvement in motorsports.

Falken Tyre Range

Falken market a wide range of tyres for cars, SUVs, 4x4 vehicles and light trucks. The company’s flagship tyre is the FK-452, which incorporates a silica based compound as well as an innovative tread design derived from motor sports technology.

Falken Tyre Guide


Tyre Name

Tyre Purpose

Ziex ZE912 

Asymmetric performance tyre for small to mid sized cars


A sporty tyre for minis offering excellent comfort


V rated tyre for Jaguars


All round H rated tyre offering excellent running qualities


Falken’s flagship high performance tyre


All season 4x4 tyre

LA-AT T110 

SUV tyre for city use, highway use and rough roads


4x4 off-road tyre

Sincera SN-807 

Car tyre focussing on low noise and comfort

Sincera SN-828 

Tyre for small family cars combining economy, comfort and safety


High performance SUV tyre


All round 4x4 for on-road and rough road use
Ziex ZE-326 
For medium family sized cars. Combines comfort and low noise