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About Tyre Price Advisor

Tyre Price Advisor is the UK’s first genuine independent tyre price comparison website – conceived in mid 2009 and launched in March 2010. Our sister website, Tyres-Online has existed since 1996 and is the Web's leading UK-based independent consumer information service dealing specifically with the subject of tyres.

Tyre Price Advisor was conceived with three points in mind:

  • Consumers want tyre prices to be more transparent and would appreciate a web tool that allows them to obtain the best value for money.
  • Tyre prices vary widely. There are often very good reasons for this because the services and add-ons offered by retailers can vary widely too. Tyre Price Advisor aims to lift the veil on tyre pricing and make it clearer exactly what you are getting for your money
  • Buying tyres off the Internet is often the most cost-effective way to buy tyres. However, the consumer profile of the leading companies in this area is not as high as that of the leading high-street names in tyre retailing. Our aim is to change this imbalance by promoting the activities of reputable online retailers.

Tyre Price Advisor and Tyres-Online are published by Retreading Business Ltd, whose founder and Managing Director, David Wilson who has 20 years experience as a specialist tyre industry journalist and publisher. During that time he has enjoyed stints as editor of both of the UK's two tyre trade publications, Tyres & Accessories and Tyre Trade News. Today, as well as Tyre Price Advisor and Tyres-Online, he publishes Retreading Business Magazine and The Tyreman (a tyre trade publication for the South East Asian market).

In addition to his role as a publisher, David Wilson is the Director of the Retread Manufacturers Association, the trade body, which represents the interests of tyre retreading companies in the UK and is a Board member of the Tyre Industry Federation.

Tyre Price Advisor is funded by advertising as well as from commissions from sales made via links to our partner retailers. So if you find the website to be useful, please use the links to our advertising sponsors and tyre sales partners - they are what keeps the site in business.

We are always happy to receive comments and feedback on the site, so if any reader has any suggestions on how the site might be improved or ideas for topics to be covered on the site, please feel free to e-mail us.

Publishers: Retreading Business Ltd
Editor: David Wilson
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